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HOW IT WORKS Looking for residential Interior Designers In Delhi-NCR that match your creative vision and design needs can be a challenge in itself. Sometimes it can take time for the client and the designer to sync up. To make the process of working with us easier, we have a proven and straightforward process that helps us build successful client relationships and design beautiful homes for them,

We will help you to perfect your residence with a concept and design. Our company believes in providing the best services by pre-planning and making good relations with customers. We guarantee thorough quality checks till project completion.


The first step in any project for us is our favourite – because we get to know you! We meet with you to understand your interior design needs and your aesthetic preferences. How do you want your new home to look? What aesthetic elements are you drawn towards? Do you like how the existing space looks or do you need to break and rebuild certain structures? Asking these questions helps us create a creative vision that is aligned with yours.

As residential interior designers in Mumbai, we also take the time to understand your lifestyle. We want to create a home that is not only pleasing to the eye but also one that functions well for you. After all, the highest goal in residential interior design is to improve the quality of life for our clients.


Throughout the whole process, we make sure to check in with you on your thoughts on the project. We greatly value your feedback and use it to improve our designs to best match your personality, your lifestyle, and your budget. Once you are pleased with the designs, we work on making your dream come true.

Nitido Design has worked in residential interior design in several cities and countries including Mumbai, Pune, and Qatar, amongst others. We have a network of builders, electricians, plumbers, construction workers, artisans, and labourers in every city. As one of the best residential interior designers in Mumbai, we are masters of organisation and coordination. We make sure to hire the best professionals and partners in the industry. Then, we manage the entire team to ensure that the project goes smoothly and is completed on time.


Once we have an initial brief on your ideas and expectations from the project, we take into consideration your budget. There are a lot of details to consider in a residential interior design project. We work with you to help you create an accurate realistic budget - one which meets your needs and priorities. Our team of residential interior designers in Mumbai do their very best to offer top quality services within your budget.

It does sound counterintuitive that hiring a luxury residential interior designer in Mumbai would save you money. But hear us out. We have decades of experience and expertise under our belt. We help you get the most bang for your buck by guiding your throughout the process. We source high quality materials and ensure that all products, materials, and services you use are within budget. We also help you avoid costly mistakes by getting things right the first time.

Moreover, as experts in luxury residential interior design, we can help increase the resale value of your home by a large margin. If you are thinking about selling your house in the future, we can help you invest in it now. A well-furnished luxury house designed by a professional is sure to boost its appeal with potential buyers.


Our team of luxury residential interior designers in Mumbai get to work with creating designs for your home. We work in collaboration to come up with concepts and elements that work best for you. Whether it is creating a luxury apartment from scratch or renovating a room – we have an seamless and optimised process that delivers exceptional designs on time. Our first priority in luxury residential interior design is creating a functional home. We generate 2D and 3D interior layouts so that there is an organic flow of movement in the house. We plan the heating, electrical, and plumbing so that the house functions safely. These need to be aligned with the various building and health and safety regulations to ensure your health and well-being.The second priority is aesthetic. As residential interior designers, we choose different elements in the home such as lighting, panels, furniture, and decor that meet your preferences and aesthetic vision. We then arrange them in a holistic way that is pleasing to the eye and soul. Some may think that the functionality of a space comes first and the aesthetic follows. But we disagree. We like to keep aesthetics in mind as we decide on the form and function of a space, a room, or even a furniture piece. It is by keeping those two ideas in mind that we can create something that works well and looks good doing it too!

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